BOGNER, a German ski and outwear company, is one of the leading and most important historical brands dealing with ski and sportswear. Passion for sport and fashion, comfortable elegance and refined attention to quality are the formula that has guaranteed the success of the Bogner brand for over 90 years.

The well-established German company is considered the inventor of sports fashion. Founded and funded in 1932 by ski champion Willy Bogner senior and his wife Maria, the company was originally a small production plant in a courtyard in the centre of Munich, but soon made its way onto the market, equipping the German ski team at the 1936 Winter Olympics.

Then Bogner’s son, Willy Bogner Junior, followed in his father’s footsteps as a professional skier and took over BOGNER in 1977. Today this is a famous and renowned brand for high-tech skiwear for professionals and fans of the sport, as well as luxury winter clothing lines. An international company synonymous with luxury sports fashion, a leading light for those who do not want to give up style and elegance while practicing sports.

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