Atomic I Redster G9 FIS Revoshock S Red Ski 2024





Junior FIS GS racers aiming for the top of the points list need a ski designed for younger skiers that’s packed with pro-level features. That’s the Redster G9 FIS Revoshock S. It features Atomic’s World Cup-winning Revoshock - a series of spring steel plates embedded in an integrated elastomer compound that eat up bumps on the racecourse to create a stable ride that accelerates hard out of the turns. Full-length sidewalls and Atomic’s Ultra TI Powered laminate create powerful edge grip and torsional rigidity. The Ultra Power Woodcore works together with the Active Race Interface binding platform to transmit all your input directly into a ski that responds at the speed of thought. The Redster G9 FIS Revoshock S flies through the gates, is stable at speed, and will take you to the top of your game.

Ultra TI Powered

World Cup-proven full-width Titanal laminate for stability, torsional rigidity, and edge grip.

Structured Topsheet

A structured topsheet massively increases durability and gives a high-quality finish.

Side Edge Angle: 87°

A side edge angle of 87° for more intuitive handling, easier skiing and better grip.

World Cup Base Finish

World Cup-level grinding means less friction and more speed.

Active Camber 0/100/0

Active Camber increases effective edge contact for better edge grip on icy slopes and stability.


Length (cm) 173 180
Radius (m) 20 24
Sidecut Tail (mm) 87.5 85.5
Sidecut Tip (mm) 105 104
Sidecut Waist (mm) 65 65

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