Rental, Demo & Tuning Pricing

Service Pricing:

Full Tune (Ski): $85.00

Full Tune (Snowboard): $90.00

Race Tune: $105.00

New Race Ski Prep: $120.00

Tri-One and Wax: $60.00

Tri-One Only: $40.00

Edge and Wax: $50.00

Wax Only: $25.00

Edge Only: $25.00

Race Grind Only: $60.00 (+$10 w/ BB)

Binding Test: $45.00

SL Guard Mount: $15.00


Rental Pricing:

Rental Package (Ski, Boot, Poles): $45 for the first day, $35 for every day after. 

Rental Ski Only: $35 for the first day, $25 for every day after.


Demo Pricing:

Demo Ski: $50.00 per day (this price is deducted from the cost of the ski if you decide to purchase new. You can deduct up to 2 credits)