Harricana Upcycled Jeans Beanie w/ Fur Pom 2023


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Denim/ Black

Harricana brings upcycling to a new level! Old jeans find new souls as they are cut and sewn into a beautiful and unique beanie! 100% made in Montreal from upcycled jeans brought in by clients, this magnificent winter hat will turn heads. Not only is it special and beautiful, it is lined with soft fleece for extra comfort and warmth. Its wide turn-up brim is made with 100% ormos wool. Topped with a paired upcycled fur pompom that is handmade in Harricana’s Montreal boutique and workshop. You can be proud to keep warm with this Canadian marvel! Note that each piece is unique and may differ from the picture.

  • Made In Canada
  • Upcycled fur - Upcycled jeans
  • Comfort zone -15

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