Leki WCR Venom 3D Glove 2024


Introducing the ultimate Slalom race glove from LEKI, specifically engineered to elevate your performance to new heights! The WCR VENOM SL 3D glove is the pinnacle of achievement, developed and meticulously tested in collaboration with LEKI athletes during World Cup training and events. Its design prioritizes protection and precision during slalom races, ensuring optimal performance on the slopes. The glove features extensive padding that effectively shields the hand from the impact of slalom gates and the unforgiving snow. The fully integrated flexible TPU panel safeguards the back of the hand, delivering unparalleled cushioning and absorbing shocks with ease. Additional silicone polygon pads have been strategically incorporated into the fingers, reinforcing the glove's protective capabilities. These pads are externally reinforced with a ceramic shell, granting the glove an exceptionally tough outer surface that resists abrasions. The ingenious combination of the speed panel, silicone pads, and a thumb protector forms what we proudly call the Glidezone. This revolutionary feature offers the ultimate hand protection while allowing the glove to glide past the gate in case of accidental contact smoothly, ensuring minimal speed loss. Prepare to conquer the slopes with unwavering confidence and experience the pinnacle of performance with WCR VENOM SL 3D

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