Newland Women's Tea Legging 2024



Thermal leggings in DHtech 400 embellished with a sophisticated side “Leo-Pop” jacquard able to ensure high breathability by keeping the body temperature constant even in case of intense cold. Breathable, insulating, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, ecological, easy care.

DHTech 400®

DHtech 400®, patent pending, is the more insulating DHtech fabric, it weighs 400 gr/sqm but its distinctive compactness makes it unparalleled for elasticity, comfort and fit, like a second skin. The ability to control the body temperature and the thermal insulation is at the highest levels allowing the athlete to do sports in situations of harsh climate or enjoy the outdoors, even in humidity and wind conditions. It is able to maintain body temperature constant even in case of big temperature changes, such as the transition from a closed environment to outdoors, thus avoiding the unpleasant feeling of chills. 

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